Passive Income for Time-Poor Spiritual Coaches

I teach burnt-out spiritual coaches, who are sick & tired of trading time for money, how to leverage their time so they can serve more and create greater impact.



You’re in the right place if you’re a burnt-out, time-poor spiritual coach, service provider or expert who wants to have an on-purpose business with fantastic & consistent cashflow, so you can scale with ease and create a business that provides you with the financial freedom to design the life you want…

Leverage Your Brilliance

It’s time to invite simplicity in to your business so that you can get off the never-ending cycle of creating-launching-and-selling, which is EXHAUSTING!

Leverage Your Time

I know what it feels like to be trapped in the trading-time-for-money loop. IT SUCKS, because time could be spent with your loved ones instead. Doing the things that LIGHT YOU UP!

Leverage Your Content

You don’t need to constantly reinvent yourself to attract ideal customers. All you need is UNIQUE SOLUTION to spark interest in what you do. That’s how you’ll scale with EASE!

Hi, I’m Nika

I’m a Client Attraction & Business Coach, Copywriter, Course & Retreat Facilitator for women in business. I’m also an international best-selling author.

But really, I’m all about creating simple, passive income streams that help me work less and play more.

My clients have scored national media attention, million-dollar incomes, 6-figure profits in as little as 4 weeks, sold-out courses and retreats, paid speaking gigs—and freedom laptop lifestyles. I have been featured in newspapers and magazines, as well as dozens of leading online websites.

I can help you get off the time-for-money hamster wheel and create scroll-stopping offers that sell. It’s time for you to reconnect with your joy. But really, I help you free up time, leverage your brilliance & claim your FLOW.

Stop Trading Time for Money – it’s Exhausting!


Unlock Financial Freedom With a Done-for-You Digital Marketing Product You Can Turn into a Bill-Paying Cash Cow!

Boost Cashflow with a Simple, Ready-to-Sell Digital Profit Machine!

  • You can resell this for 100% profit from all sales for fast cash injections (woohoo).
  • Get complete course ownership
  • Stand out from others with savvy branding techniques (oh-la-la)
  • Attract your ideal perfect customer and sell with effortless ease (done)
  • Download each video to your device to give you peace of mind (if preferred)
  • FREE Lifetime community (priceless)
  • FREE Lifetime course upgrades (unheard of)
  • FREE course platform: no need to host it yourself, it’s done for you (no digi hassles)
  • FREE training calls, mentoring calls, and more
  • No icky backend upsells EVER! (thank goodness)

What people are saying

“I made $1500 in 8 days!”
Hey y’all! I’m a busy working mom of 3 little ones, a speech pathologist by day and a burnt out net work marker to her by nights and weekends. After five years of trying to build my network marketing business, I realized I wanted some thing that gave me true control over my time and 100% earnings rather than just a fraction of commissions. One month ago I started my digital marketing business and within my first eight days I made $1500, my progress has slowed, but I am building up my email for now, and I now have three digital products in my arsenal. I loved how easy this course was to follow and ot taught me all the steps to get my digital marketing business up and running! I can’t wait to see how this course helps more and more people!
“Hitting on $3,000 in month 1!”
After burning out in my hospitality job, trying to pay rent and support my other business, I was exhausted and needed a way out. I did the infamous $7 15day challenge, which got me super excited about affiliate possibilities, but just couldn’t afford/justify the $2.5k upsell.
I found MRR at a MUCH more affordable price and dove in and I am so happy I did! Hitting nearly $3000 in my first month, I never thought this life was possible for me!! As a coach with okay tech and social skills, this really is a course that will help anyone who has an online business soar! I can’t wait to apply all of this to my health coaching business!
“I’m very grateful.”
As a mama to an 8 year old, and 2 year old twins I am busy! I needed something that could bring in extra income without taking up lots of time. I bought this course in August and it took me 2 weeks to watch the self paced courses because I was in the midst of preparing for back to school as a teacher! I launched September 1 and have matched my entire months salary in less than 2 weeks!! I’m very grateful for Roadmap to Riches and being able to serve and share this opportunity 🫶🏾
“I absolutely love this course.”
It has helped me SO much as a SAHM and military wife to help pay for my high medical debt. I was aiming to make an extra $500 per month, but after 10 days of launching The Roadmap, I made my first ever sale + a high commission totaling to $615! Then 3 days after I made TWO MORE SALES! In less than 2 weeks I made $1,609 with everything this course has taught me. And now I’m helping women and entrepreneurs to do the same in achieving life-giving passive income.

Earn Passively. Live Life on Your Terms

Women everywhere are doing this right now. Why not you, too?!

Common Questions

You can start earning passively working part-time hours. In fact, many of our customers are doing just that. They’re busy mums of small children and some even have jobs because they prefer to build up a passive nest egg before sacking their boss. So it really depends on your particular circumstances. If you’re just getting started online you will need time to go through the course to learn before you can apply each step.

The great news is that the videos lessons are short and easy to digest and apply in real life. As you advance through the course, you’ll find yourself building a new income stream that has changed so many lives already.

Course lessons are delivered by your own portal where you can login and go through the lessons in your own time. You can use your smartphone, a laptop or a tablet to access your portal.

We offer credit card payments via Stripe. If you prefer to pay with crypto there’s an option to reach out to me to get vetted.

Change Your Financial Future!

Start making smarter choices by getting off the exhausting time-for-money rollercoaster.