Digital Wealth Masters has information about ways to make money online. It's a community of online entrepreneurs, internet marketers and freelancers with tips and strategies on how to successfully create wealth in a digital world.

There is a plethora of information here at Digital Wealth Masters. Whether you are interested in freelance work, eCommerce, Affiliate marketing, Blogging or becoming a Social Media Influencer we have something that will definitely help you on your journey to reclaim your time, be your own boss and experience financial freedom.

The founder, Catori “Cat” Christopher, has been in the IT industry for over 15 years but always had an entrepreneurial itch…looking for ways to make money online in her spare time. She now makes a full-time income as an Internet Marketing Momtrepreneur.

Picture of Cat - the founder of DWM

I have a passion for all things internet marketing and want to share that passion with like-minded folks. DWM was a way to bridge the technological gap for other online entrepreneurs and help them live a laptop lifestyle like me.

Catori Christopher -Founder of DWM